A Road Trip Playlist

Friday 27 January 2006, 2:56 pm

My 2G iPod doesn't let me see what I recently listened to, so I just looked through iTunes to see what looked familiar from our trip to Disneyland.

I just set the thing on shuffle (random) and let it play like the radio. I let it play from its entire contents, so there is really no pattern, theme, or consistent style. We do just hit FF when something comes on that is too soft or too relaxing.

I really need to put together a playlist that has all the high energy or interesting tracks.

Regarding this particular list: why so little of the Beatles? Why no Bruce Cockburn? Why so little Larry Norman? Why so little Mark Heard?

A Simple Desultory PhilippicSimon & Garfunkel
All You ZombiesHooters
And She WasTalking Heads
Baby's Got The Car KeysTrout Fishing In America
B-B-B-Burnin' Up With LoveEddie Rabbitt
Symphony 7, Movt 1Beethoven (Vienna Phil)
Beyond The SeaFinding Nemo
BirthdaySwingle Singers
Breathe DeepLost Dogs
Bye Bye LoveSimon & Garfunkel
CaledoniaDougie MacLean
Dance the Night AwayVan Halen
DangerousDavid Wilcox
Day TripperSwingle Singers
Exactly Like YouNat King Cole
Heart Full Of SoulThe Yardbirds
Hernando's HideawayMartin Denny
I Don't CareConnie Kaldor
Is It True?Jacob's Trouble
Jerusalem TomorrowDavid Olney
Jesus FreakDC Talk
Look All Around YouJohn Fischer LP
Looking Through Your EyesLeann Rimes
Love me like a manBonnie Raitt
Love SongsFleming & John
Lung CancerRandy Stonehill
Mas AllaGloria Estefan
Matthew's BluesJohn Fischer LP
Mission ImpossibleSwingle Singers
My GenerationThe Who
My MusicLoggins & Messina
NamesCathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Oxford GirlOysterband
Pencil Neck GeekFred Blassie
People See Through YouBruce Cockburn
Puppet StringsRandy Stonehill
Questions 67 And 68Chicago
Quiet Nights Of Quiet StarsAndy Williams
Righteous Rocker #3Larry Norman
Rock And Roll WaltzKay Starr
Sabor A MiLuis Miguel
Sing Your Praise To The LordAmy Grant
SixTrout Fishing In America
SmutTom Lehrer
So Long Mom (A Song For World War III)Tom Lehrer
Songs from a Secret GardenSecret Garden
SwaneeGeorge Gershwin
Sweet Song Of SalvationLarry Norman
Talk To The AnimalsSammy Davis Jr
Tell The RoosterJane Gillman
That Certain FeelingGeorge Gershwin
The Jesus FreaksMike Warnke
The MagicianReturn To Forever
The Queen Of ArgyllSilly Wizard
The Rose of TraleePhil Coulter
The SeekerThe Who
The Times They Are A ChanginSimon & Garfunkel
Topliner RagJoshua Rifkin
Walking BackwardsLarry Norman
Walls Of DoubtJacob's Trouble
Whiskey & SangriaEileen Ivers
White Trash StompLarry Norman
Who put the bompMe First and the Gimme Gimmes
Why Can't This Be LoveVan Halen