Me and Julio in the Backyard

Sunday 20 August 2006, 8:32 pm


Today we went to lunch at a nice restaurant with a Chinese buffet and a Mongolian Barbecue. Mary and I found quite a few things we could eat.

Before and after lunch Mary and I packed almost everything because we are leaving tomorrow to come home.

In the afternoon Mary was able to chat with Matthew again while I read.

While I was reading the family room, the bird Julio started talking to me. She (yes, Julio is a girl) kept saying "Hello," which is sort of strange because up until now I have only heard her say "Hola." (Mary says she has also said "Hi, Bob!") Anyway, I gave her a tortilla chip every time she spoke. We have been trying to get her to speak more. She spoke to me about eight times, which is more than I have heard her speak in the entire previous week. We think rewarding her with food when she speaks is working.

In the evening we went to the San Lorenzo church where Robert taught out of Zechariah 12-14 and Daniel 8 about the role of Israel in the prelude to Christ's second coming. I understood a lot of it because I had helped Robert with the Powerpoint presentation, but my involvement was mostly in gathering the graphics, so I hadn't really paid a lot of attention to the words. The sermons in Spanish are really hard for me to understand because they go so fast, but I can understand lots of words on the screen, especially the Bible passages which remind me of the same ones in English.