Parque das Aves

Wednesday 16 August 2006, 7:02 pm

Wednesday August 16

First thing today we did Robert and Brenda's favorite; we went to the Bird Park. We went early in the morning because the birds are more active before they are fed. We've been to the National Aviary and other zoos that have birds, but this was something else. They have lots of colorful parrots, loros, and toucans. And in the early morning, they can make quite a racket! The loros didn't just talk to us, they laughed! And that made us laugh, which made them laugh more! Mary took lots of pictures and hopefully I can post some.

It rained last night and some this morning, so the trip home was wetter and slower. It took less than one half hour to cross back over the border. I prayed that the crossing would be short and smooth, because Mary and I had really spent too much time shopping at the bird park. We stopped at a Mennonite dairy for ice cream, and again later at a restaurant we'd been to before, the one that serves hamburgers with ham, egg, and cheese on top. Some of us had seconds on ice cream there also.

We're back at Robert and Brenda's home now and we will be here until we come home next Monday. I'm not too sure what's happening from here on out, but I think some of us will go walking early tomorrow morning, and I think Mary and Brenda still have some more girl stuff planned.