Powerpoint Guru?

Saturday 12 August 2006, 6:48 pm

Today we got up early again to walk at the park. All four of us went this time. I was definitely the slowest. Really should eat a little something before walking 5 km. So when we got back I took a little nap. Two early mornings in a row takes a lot out of me. Mary and Brenda went out to buy some paintings they'd seen yesterday.

Later I helped Robert work on a Powerpoint presentation of the gospel directed at kids. We used a lot of cartoon-style clip art to make something a little hokey but effective for youth. Brenda had to correct all our Spanish grammar and spelling afterward. Apparently Powerpoint has a Spanish mode that we'd neglected to use.

In the late afternoon we went to a Bible study at a local home. There were lots of children, and Brenda and Mary taught them to make bookmarks using rubber stamping techniques. The adults met in another room with Robert teaching, and I joined them. Robert asked both me and Mary to give our testimonies. Neither of us had ever done so before. That was an interesting experience for both of us. Mary told a little bit about Matthew in Iraq.

Anyway, Robert led the Bible study in Spanish and I understood a little of what was going on, maybe 20 percent. They did ask me to read a passage from Isaiah 55:9, which I recognized as soon as I started pronouncing it. The topic was "suffering" and I understood all of Robert's points, but few of his stories. He explained a little to me afterward what those stories were about. I met a lot of very nice people. I'm not sure how much Mary enjoyed being with the kids, but Brenda did say a few of them were uncooperative.

Right now Mary is watching episodes of "Dog Whisperer" on tape. It is a funny show. I wish my sister Susan could see the segment where they tamed a vicious chihuahua.

Even though we go to church tomorrow, we don't have to get up extremely early. Robert's church has their service on Sunday evenings, but we are going to another church in the morning because a new pastor is being ordained.