Puppet show

Thursday 10 August 2006, 8:27 pm

Today Mary and I slept in while Robert and Brenda had early morning meetings with other pastors.

In the afternoon, we went to the church to prepare for a puppet show to take place in this Sunday's service. They are going to dramatize the story of Jonah and the big fish. First I helped Robert set up some scaffolding while Mary drew some city scenes. Then we all got together with several church members and children to paint the scenes. We also painted a mural of a large boat from which Jonah will get tossed.

We met lots of very nice people, who practiced their English on us, and we practiced our Spanish on them. We picked up Martin, who is working on a Powerpoint presentation for Pastor Bob. At age 16, he is the local Powerpoint and Excel guru. We twisted the arm of his sister Pamela to help us with the painting. She is in 8th grade and plays basketball. She reminded us a lot of Mary's niece Melanie. The other main person who worked on the puppet show was Anna, who is an actor in the show and also designed the scenes that Mary drew. We also saw some people we'd already met: Marcos, the youth pastor and worship leader, who lives at the church and was practicing music; Patricia and Rory dropped in for a few minutes; George, who I think is another pastor at the church; and probably a few others I am forgetting right now.

Tomorrow Robert is taking Mary and me to a museum in the morning. Then the "girls" are going to have their nails done while Robert, I, and another friend are going to see Xmen 3. I'm not sure if I mentioned before that Robert made me watch Xmen 2 on DVD last night just so I would understand the characters and the premise. I thought it was a pretty good movie. The movie in the theater tomorrow is supposed to be in English with Spanish subtitles. We'll see.

On Saturday we are supposed to go to a Bible study at someone's home; Mary might do some rubber stamping projects with the youth group there.

On Sunday we will be busy all day: church at another church in the morning (I think it's the ordination of a new CMA pastor at another CMA church), church at Robert and Brenda's church in the evening, and something else I can't remember in the afternoon.

Next week we are supposed to go to Brazil to see some huge waterfalls ...