Monday 7 August 2006, 4:43 am

We are in Santiago, Chile, on an 8-hour layover while we wait for our flight to Asuncion, Paraguay.

Yesterday we boarded a Southwest flight from San Jose to LAX just before 8:00 am. After an easy walk to the international terminal at LAX, and a wait of about three hours, we boarded a flight for Santiago with one stop in Lima, Peru. The flight from LAX to Lima took eight hours. After waiting in Lima for about 1-1/2 hours, it took three more hours to get to Santiago.

The time in Lima is two hours ahead of San Jose, and the time in Santiago is three hours ahead. I believe the time in Asuncion will be three hours ahead also. But I think there are more time zones than that, and it's only three hours difference because maybe there is no daylight savings time in South America.

What are we doing here? We will visit Mary's brother Robert and his wife Brenda, who are missionaries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in a suburb just outside Asuncion.

We are very tired, so that's all for right now ... more later ...