The Last Days

Sunday 7 May 2006, 7:53 pm

Friday, May 5

Mary felt better enough today to help me do more clean-up around the camp. We had to throw away some clothes that got wet and moldy in the last rainstorm. That took the bulk of our day.

Saturday, May 6

Today we did distribution. Mary and I were really not needed from the standpoint of being short-handed. We had several community volunteers, plus three new volunteers from San Jose arrived last night (Pat, Debbie, and Rukiya). But we were able to train Pat and Debbie, who have never been here before.

After distribution, Mary and I cleaned up the trailer because new occupants will arrive on Tuesday. Ordinarily it wouldn't matter, but with all the storms we had while we were here, we tracked lots of mud onto the carpet. Mary let me clean it all up because she said I tracked it all in, even though we have identical boots. Go figure.

Late Saturday night, Bonnie and Di returned from Tennessee. Mary gave them a bundle of cards she made for them to use after we are gone.