Thursday 4 May 2006, 7:53 pm

Thursday, May 4

Today we have been here two weeks. If we had flown out here, we would be leaving today or tomorrow. Bonnie asked us to stay until Sunday so we can help with distribution tomorrow. It looks like we will be short-handed because Bonnie and Di are going to Tennessee for a couple of days to start planning a relief effort for tornado victims there.

The college kids that were here yesterday never came back today like they had promised. That's OK. I did the clean-up in Shirley's yard that we had planned for them. I finished that all in the morning and then spent the hot afternoon in the trailer. Mary is still sick, but she is starting to sit up for a few minutes at a time and plan some cards she wants to make.

Later in the afternoon, John asked me to help fix the canopy on Bonnie and Di's trailer. We worked on that for a couple of hours.

We have decided that Mary probably OD'd on products that have gluten, rather than just eating enough to get by. Eating too much gluten makes her more prone to get migraine headaches.