Higher Ground

Report from Mary

Wednesday 3 May 2006, 8:13 pm

Bay St Louis, Tuesday, May 2

We have 2 more days here. After last Tuesday the weather cooled down for nearly 5 days... what a blessing that had been. During that we also had a pretty good storm that damaged all but 1 of the camp's nylon tents... Mark spent the better part of 2 days taking those down and apart... trashing the torn and splintered stuff. They still have the bunk houses and a few trailers in camp so all is well. City Teams is considering moving camp to higher grounds for the 2006 hurricane season... and we expect that means they will get out of the tents, too.

Yesterday the weather got hot again, and today was also hot. I have succumbed to the heat... today I spent the day in bed from a migraine ... I'm feeling much better now. Tomorrow the distribution center will be open and I will be doing registration, something I can manage even if I'm not quite 100%.

Last Sunday Mark & I attended the Calvary Chapel that's been set up in this community... originally CC had setup feeding the community over 7500 meals a day. Now they are sending volunteers out to the homes to assist with repairs, much like City Teams is doing (Mark has learned to lay carpet and put up sheet rock). CC holds its Sunday service in the same circus tent they served meals from. They even have a small tank setup and lined with heavy black plastic sheets for doing baptisms. While at church we met a man who's from CC Monterey.