Stuck in the mud

Wednesday 3 May 2006, 7:19 pm

Wednesday, May 3

Today I helped at distribution as best I could. Suddenly right around the distribution opened, we got about 60 volunteers from a college in St Louis, Missouri. I had no idea what to do with them, and there were no leaders around here to give direction. Help! I did get some of the guys for fix our two large tents that came down partially in the wind storm. That was a big score. Some helped stock the distribution tent, and some helped rearrange the storage tent so that we were able to move all the pallets into that tent that we'd received on Monday but had no room for.

One of the guys (name withheld to protect the guilty) (no, it wasn't me) got the forklift stuck in the mud behind Shirley's house. We tried to pull it out with my Toyota truck, then with the flatbed truck, and finally with Bonnie's personal huge Dodge truck. We pulled on it with the big truck from three different directions before it finally broke free. That was fun for all of us!

Since work for us began slowing down earlier this week, we've been thinking about leaving on Thursday or Friday. We told Bonnie about this yesterday, and she asked if we can stay until Sunday so we can help with Saturday distribution. If Mary doesn't start feeling better real soon, I'm going to have to take her away from here and lock her up in a hotel with A/C until she's better. But with y'all prayers, she'll be feeling better tomorrow and in that case, I have my plate full. Bonnie is leaving for a few days, and Pete is back home for a few days, so we are without a leader and there's much to be done. Bonnie went over it all with me today. If the Missouri volunteers come again tomorrow as we're expecting, we'll have it done in a couple of hours. If not, it will take me all three days, even working together with John. It's mostly clean-up around here, but lots of it is in Shirley's yard, which she's been kind enough to lend to the cause.

Please pray for us that Mary gets over her headaches, light sensitivity, nausea, and other maladies soon. Also please pray that we can continue to make a contribution here and be a blessing to the people around us.