Mold is not your friend

Tuesday 2 May 2006, 7:19 pm

Monday, May 1

We've mostly been hanging around the camp this week. On Monday we unloaded three trucks of donations. It was so much that there was no room in the storage tent. We also moved a trailer so it can get better sewage lines run to it. Then we had to level the trailer but we didn't really know what we were doing, apparently. I think I actually know what needs to be done, but we did something else at the direction of others. Anyway, it was a busy day even though we stayed here at camp. Mary and I took down almost all the tents we had repaired last week. We had another storm, mostly wind, and it just tore up most of the small tents and did some damage to a couple of the larger ones as well. Fortunately all the most-used tents stayed intact. Anyway, there was lots of moldy material in the damaged tents,including one totally soaked twin bed mattress, and mold did it's usual thang on Mary's health ...

Tuesday, May 2

On Tuesday Mary got a sinus headache, and by Tuesday night she had a full-blown migraine and could not get out of bed. She is still now (Wednesday night) quite sick and we hope she is back on her feet tomorrow.

On Tuesday I finished packing up all the downed tents that were still usable. We also made a second attempt at leveling one of the trailers but it's still not right. I also cleaned up around the camp, and I cleaned the showers. Powerwash mania!