Slow Motion

Report from Mary

Friday 28 April 2006, 8:13 pm

Bay St Louis, Friday, April 28

regarding rubber stamping and cards - Mark

I gave up last night figuring I would just go buy some as needed... but you've given me hope again! It's Wal-Mart that they have here...'express'... which means they don't have what you're looking for... lol. They don't have a craft section. But MAYBE Sunday on our down day I can get Mark to take me to Michael's in a near town... one of the directors got stuff for yesterday's lady's lunch & craft event. I think I may just do color blocks, inspired by me bestest friend ;-)...

5:00 Friday afternoon. I'm finished for the day... can't wait to jump in the shower. Today I cleaned out and hosed out (the insides!) of 4 huge vans and then had to disassemble a tent that tore during the storm a few days ago. All in slow motion, of course. Yesterday Mark learned to lay carpet over concrete and also using carpet strips. Today he's learning to put up dry-wall. Tomorrow the distribution center's open ... so that's what we'll be up to the entire day.

I was flipping thru the SU catty and realized they have KITS! So I ordered 2 so I could make both masculine & feminine cards. I put up a thread on SCS demo forum asking if there's any demo's in the area here as I would love to meet some local demos... (I'm thinking of donating the 2 stamp sets at the end of our vacation). I ordered overnight shipping so should receive it Tue or Wed here in MS. Itch itch... time for another Benadryl. It was hard to place a 'minimal' order and not keep adding all sorts of little things (but I did 'upsize' the kits).