Eat an Elephant

Report from Mary

Thursday 27 April 2006, 8:13 pm

Bay St Louis, Thursday, April 27

Sadly, I didn't get around to bringing ANY stamping supplies... space, didn't think I would find time on vacation, and we simply HAD TO GET going. In lieu, I pulled a bunch of BD & thank you cards and 2 generics without any salutation. I SHOULD have brought some stamping supplies! I've gone thru my generics already and will need to buy a get well for a friend at church.

I'm toying with trying to expedite order from SU to deliver here some very minimal things for cards... maybe the pre-cut-folded card & envy sets, a set of petal points (for some color choices), black classic, adhesive glue stick, and an image set... rats, would have to order scissors to to cut & mount the stamps... I'm tempted but it's not the smartest way to spend $$$... I may simply resort to store bought cards to fill in for what I didn't bring... ack!!!

Shirley is the lady across the street. She fixed us all some Alfredo fettucine with shrimp and 'BBQ' jumbo shrimp the other day... tonight Nola made us Gumbo... everything is so yummy.

Yesterday we had that nasty storm. Today's weather has been like 'home'... comfy and no humidity with gently breezes. I wish everyday was like this. Mark & I are both have allergic reactions to the bug bites... they're all 'welting'. I started taking Benadryl this morning... leaves me spacey but I'll take that over the insanely intense itching that goes beyond poison oak's itch... thankfully I don't have to do any driving.

Another question you asked in first mail... something about how the folks are doing compared to our previous visit? They're coming along very slowly. Things seem harder now for them. I think the shock of things has worn off. Everything is a roller coaster ride... things appear going well for a bit then the bottom falls out... over and over for so many of them. Today I met a woman of 50, her house, property, & car were all paid off so she didn't carry insurance... did you know if you didn't carry any insurance you could not qualify for any of the gov't's grant monies and numerous other assistance? This woman was having a particularly bad day today... not over losses from K, but it's been 2 or 4 years (I can't remember which) since her youngest son was killed in an automobile accident (he was 22 at the time). So many homes await volunteers or others to come in and work... the amount to be done is mind boggling still... but the only way you can eat an elephant is one bite at a time. With summer heat approaching, there will be less and less volunteers available to assist. Personally, if we didn't have the weather & fierce bugs to contend with, I would want to stay longer.