Bamboo Miracle

Tuesday 25 April 2006, 9:13 pm

Monday, April 24

Today we stocked the shelves at the distribution center. Boring. Nothing new today. Oh, I think we also tried to fix some tents that had come down in the last storm. Not too exciting there either.

Shirley made a dinner of shrimp alfredo and barbequed shrimp. Mary liked it even better than red beans and rice, but of can't eat the alfredo pasta at home ... maybe we could create a gluten-free version of it.

Tuesday, April 25

Today we did something entirely different. Mary and I cut down a bunch of dead or damaged bamboo for a couple not far from here. Their yard was pretty large. Their house is only the second from the water. But they got only minimal damage because the larger house next to them on the water shielded them, their bamboo prevented a lot of debris from landing in their house, and they are on an inlet, not directly on the gulf, so the water sort of came up their street sideways instead of straight on.

It was quite warm and sunny as we cut the bamboo, and Mary started to feel sick. But then a starm started, and it felt really good to work with a little water to cool off. We took a bit of a break, sat on their large front porch, drank cokes, and chatted while it was raining only a few feet away. A very southern kind of experience. But eventually it turned into a real thunderstorm and they chased us away so we wouldn't be hurt by lightning.

While cutting the bamboo, at one point I dropped my car keys and didn't notice until about an hour later. We scoured the whole yard, hoping that the keys had not ended up in the huge pile of bamboo we had made. We didn't find it until the moment Mary started praying ... and there they were, right at my feet.

Nola made spaghetti with cajun spices tonight. Wow!