Especially Sweet

Report from Mary

Sunday 23 April 2006, 8:13 pm

Bay St Louis, Sunday, April 23

Regarding SU, while we're in MS working, we have daily network access. I'm keeping up with SCS & SU for the moment.

SU is Stampin' Up, and SCS is Split Coast Stampers. - Mark

I've been introduced to an entirely new 'weather' while here in MS... the hot humid stuff that goes way beyond what I've ever experienced at home, or in Hawaii or other tropics... but I think when I've been traveling before, it was for vacation & play and we were usually IN the water to it was extremely tolerable. Working in this stuff is another story... just drink TONS of water and no hurrying. Both Mark and I must be especially "sweet"... we're simply FULL of bug bites... and some in places I don't know HOW they got to!!!

On the up side, for now Mark and I are housed in the "hilton"... a 5th wheel trailer usually reserved for on-site directors... but the current director is in another trailer so she put us up in here... no air conditioning and can't use the trailer's bathroom, but having a 'watertight' shelter that gives us full shade from the sun and cloudbursts is like being at the 'hilton' when contrasted to the tents... this is good.

We've been in MS since last Thursday. The humidity with heat and bugs is something different to us and we're 'adjusting'. Turns out the distribution center was cut back to 2 days a week. So yesterday we were helping in there. Today, Sunday, we rest. This coming week Mark & I are tasked with helping folks file electronic applications for some grants... that's supposed to start tomorrow and we still don't have the computers for that yet... but that's the way things seem to go around here... so we just go with the flow.