All You Can Eat

Sunday 23 April 2006, 7:12 pm

Sunday, April 23

Mordecai, Pete's sweet doggie (really)
Today Mary and I went to church at The Vineyard in Slidell with Ralph and Pete. They had loud worship and a good message, but I have not been sleeping well in the heat, so I almost fell asleep. Still, it felt good to be in church, praise the Lord, shake some hands, and take a drive in the fresh air.

In the afternoon we just read a little bit and I took a nap. For dinner eight of us went to Picayune (a real town pronounced pick-a-yoon) and ate at Ryan's ... all you can eat. One of the guys ate six steaks! Mary and I have been able to eat gluten and all the things we can't have at home ... we had biscuits, boston cream pie, etc. Mary even had salad dressing and other stuff with vinegar, and she has not had any reaction. Even last time we were here she would not press it that far. They say Ryan's was the first restaurant open anywhere along the gulf coast after the storm, and in October when they opened, the wait could be over an hour just to get in the door. The service was great, too.

We got an email from Matt today, and he gave us a mailing address. We'll be sending that information out to all the family soon.

Funny story today ... when we went to church, I could not find my wallet. I was really worried because we are thousands of miles from home and my wallet has credit cards, health insurance, etc. We went to church and hoped we'd find it when we got back to camp. While Ralph and Pete stopped for coffee, Mary and I prayed for help finding my wallet. But I was still worried. Engineers are trained to consider the worst case, and I'm real good at that by nature anyway. So we went into church, and Mary opened her backpack to get her pen, and she handed me my wallet. How it got in there is beyond both of us. Neither of us remembers putting it in there, and it's not really something we are in the habit of doing. We figured God just picked it up from wherever I dropped it, and He put it in the backpack so we'd find it. I feel so foolish worrying after something like this happens.


We are getting eaten alive by bugs! It has been real bad for me since we got here, but for Mary it really just started today. Actually, she woke up earlier this morning and she was shaking the whole trailer with her scratching. (I had been through the same thing around 4 am.) I'm scratching right now as I sit at the computer.

We have been able to eat just about anything we want. I still don't know why I got sick a couple of days ago. But it seems likeliest that it was some kind of dehydration. I had been drinking this gatorade-like stuff all day, but perhaps it was too sugary. Mary also thinks I may have used too much bug spray and it got into my system through open bites.

Mary and I are getting in the habit of praying about everything. We pray every night before we go to bed. We also pray whenever a situation arises, like when I lost my wallet earlier today. We also have devotions every morning, so we get to pray a lot.

What else ... it has been warm here. Even when it rained it just cooled off a little. The humidity magnifies the heat. It's probably been in the low 80s. But the trailer is much warmer. We didn't have real electricity in here until last night, so we couldn't run the A/C. Even after connecting, we've been afraid to run it lest we trip a breaker, but we tried it for a few minutes today without a problem. We think we've been getting the bug bites at night while sleeping, so cooling it off in here may help.