Familiar Faces

Saturday 22 April 2006, 7:12 pm

Saturday, April 22

Today we had the distribution center open 11-3. Spent a couple hours before that stocking the shelves. Mary did registration, and I hung out there to keep an eye on her when it was real busy at the very beginning. We had two wonderful volunteers, Tammy and her teenage son Billy, Tammy's energetic 4-year old Anna kept us on our toes all day long.

Shirley came over to visit us today. It was really nice seeing her again. She is promising to cook us a special dinner this week.

We saw a few familiar faces from when we were here late last year. They remembered us too. Even those who didn't know us yet were very friendly to us.

Mary and I put up a screen canopy over the picnic table today, so we can serve up dinner outside the tent but keep the flies away.

Tonight we got our trailer hooked up to some real power so we can recharge the computer and the phones. Until now, we've had only battery power for the lights, but not AC for the outlets.

In the early evening we tried to go out to Sonic for ice cream, but they had run out of ice cream. We tried BK but they had just closed. We ran to a nearby town to DQ but they had also just closed. We ended up at a gas station mom-n-pop where we bought pints of Ben & Jerry's on sale ... one for each of us, no sharing, except Mary got an ice cream sandwich. Most of mine is still in the freezer, but it was a fun adventure after a very warm day.