Mississippi at last

Thursday 20 April 2006, 6:27 pm

We stayed in Baton Rouge last night. Today, we just went shopping at Wal-Mart for more shorts and stuff because it's warmer than we expected for April ... definitely shorts weather. We both got some real ugly plaid bermuda-style shorts with elastic waists. They are ugly but comfortable. Then we ate at Shoney's, a chain I don't think I've ever been to before, but we see a lot of them out here. The menu was real thin (one page), but the bacon cheeseburger was good.

We arrived in Bay St Louis just around 5 pm. We are staying in a 5th wheel until someone more important arrives who might kick us out. Then we would move into a tent.

The place is now being run by Pastor Di who is a real blessing. She worked at a homeless-reaching church in Brooklyn before coming down here with no idea what she would be doing. She has a lot of energy and her enthusiasm is contagious.

We have found out about a few things since arriving here. They are apparently still doing distribution on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but there is supposedly not much left to distribute, and contributions are way down. We haven't seen the distribution tents yet so I don't know exactly what the situation looks like. Most of the effort is being conentrated on rebuilding. Most of the "mucking" work is already done, and now they are hanging sheetrock, painting, and installing electrical and plumbing.

Mary and I will supposedly be doing some computer work starting on Monday. There are some web forms that people must fill out in order to get the next wave of FEMA grants for reconstruction. People will come in with paper forms filled out, and Mary and I will help input this information into a web form.

We have already met Ralph, who was here when we were here before. He cooks up a mean barbeque chicken. He has been here more than at home for the last few months. We have not yet seen Shirley or Cee Cee. And I am supposed to look somebody up for the manager of the motel in Webster (Houston). Now what did I do with that name? It must be in my binder here somewhere.

Mary was up late last night looking at stuff on rubber stamping web sites, and I think she's doing the same thing again now. They have several computers here, and I'm using my laptop with the wireless they have set up all around the camp. I guess we need to do it while we have it available.

There are lots of bugs here, and they use a vanilla scent spray to repel them. It's not a bug spray, just a scent you can spray on. They say that when people found out it repels the bugs, Wal-Mart doubled the price of it. Hmmm.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. We had another "close call" today just as we got off the freeway to come into Waveland. Someone would not let us merge and ran us off the road. We really appreciate all your prayers for our safety. It seems someone really does not want us here. But we are safe in the Lord's hands.