Pearlington Community Fears Losing Relief Center


Friday 23 December 2005, 6:34 pm

By Trang Pham-Bui

Hundreds of people in Pearlington turn to the relief center at Charles Murphy Elementary for all their necessities, from washing their clothes to picking up groceries.

Paula Buhr has been in charge of the operation since mid-September.

"There's still people with no trailer, and there's people that don't have anything to put in the trailers," said Paula Buhr.

But the days may be numbered for the large relief operation. Buhr says Hancock County School Superintendent David Kopf told her she has until Thursday to move all the volunteers, supplies and donations off the school property. "He said that the people are pulling out and they don't want the liability of the volunteers here on the school property," said Buhr.

Buhr says three months after Katrina, the need in Pearlington is just too great to send the volunteers away. She says she's asking for churches and people in the community to give the volunteers another place to set up. In the meantime, she's hoping leaders in the school district will change their minds.