News from the front

Wednesday 30 November 2005, 2:54 pm

From Hester, Sunday Nov 27:

I talked with Pete today and for all those who were concerned, the House Of Grace ladies fared well despite the downpour which lasted all night long. James and Richard placed pallets in their tents to get them off the ground to stay dry. They are off on a tour of New Orleans today - so, we have to go back if we want that tour :-) Also, the rain caused the Calvary Chapel group to evacuate.

From Marvette, Monday Nov 28:

A couple of links that brought back memories:

From Lawrence, Monday Nov 28:

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know there is much to thank God for. Well, I finally posted up my pics on my yahoo photo albums for you to take a look at. For those of you in San Jose, see you on Wednesday! Enjoy!

From Carol, Tuesday Nov 29:

God has filled me with so much joy. Employees asked me how it went and all I can say is —It was one of the top 5 Thanksgivings of my life! — it compared with the first thanksgiving I spent at CityTeam where I handed my first food box to an eight year old boy that was trying to gather enough food for his family all by himself.