Second Time Around

Tuesday 22 November 2005, 8:12 pm

I typed up this page one time already, then I lost it. Let's see if I can remember what I said.

We got a new crew today. Actually, they arrived around 11 pm last night, but we didn't get to meet them until this morning. They include two other married couples, a family that consists of father, son (a youth pastor) and daughter (a student at Cal Poly SLO), and a few other people. They are a friendly group and I expect this week to work out really well.

Mary and I are now the "old hands" here who are supposed to know everything and teach the next group. By some weird fate of scheduling, most of these people will be leaving before we will. That means we must train them, then we must again train the group that arrives on the first of December, when we finish up. Also, there will be a few lean days we might be understaffed after this group leaves but before the next arrives. We might volunteer to stay here a few extra days to help provide some continuity.

We ate breakfast at the Calvary Chapel tent today. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I personally am very thankful for them. The volunteers come from Calvary Chapels all over the country. I found this web site for them:

Waveland Cafe
We ate lunch and dinner at the Waveland Cafe, another volunteer setup in nearby Waveland. They have a restaurant, food bank, hospital, and all kinds of other assistance. It is set up in huge domes in a shopping center parking lot. Run by a bunch of "hippie christians." I don't even know what that means. These people are from all over, but the current crew has a lot of people from Wisconsin, well known as "hippie central." I couldn't find an official web page, but I did find this:

They must close up after Thanksgiving, but they plan to relocate near New Orleans and continue similar operations there.

The group got a tour through some particularly devastated areas today. Mary and I missed the tour because we were working in the comptuer tent and missed the bus. Just as well, because Mary had paperwork to catch up on and I was able to help her. I was also able to take a shower and do laundry. Since another group is coming in on Saturday, we expect that they'll do another tour on Sunday and we'll catch it then. I'll certainly have some interesting photos to post then. (BTW, we also bought some disposable cameras, and we'll have some real photos to share after we get home.)

Tomorrow promises to be a particularly busy day: new crew, extra special goodies to pass out, and today we were closed.

We really need your prayers right now. We are personally doing very well but we miss our families and they miss us. Thanks to all of you who have sent emails. We really appreciate it.