De plane! De plane!

Wednesday 16 November 2005, 9:27 pm

Several people have asked us what airline we are flying, what flight, etc.

We don't know!

CityTeam has our tickets. Kathleen and David will take us to the CityTeam offices around 10:00 tomorrow morning. We leave around 12:20 pm from San Jose airport. CityTeam will bus us to the airport.

Don Schottman says that we will probably be flying on Southwest, possibly on Continental. We will probably make one stop; my WAG would be Dallas-Fort Worth. We'll end up at the Gulfport-Biloxi airport in Mississippi.

I believe we will be working in either Waveland or Bay St. Louis. Here is a map:,+MS/@30.2988183,-89.3725894

We expect to be working with a team of about 20 people. CityTeam deploys the teams as needed when they arrive. The team will probably serve together, but we don't know yet what project we will be working on. Most of the CityTeam work consists of assisting people in the shelters. Most of the heavy work like putting on roofs is done. But there is still a lot of cleanup to do, and we've been advised to bring strong work gloves. The cleanup will probably happen mostly within a church that was damaged, within a shelter that has been over-used, or at a school that was being used as an emergency shelter. I'm really guessing here.