Relief Update

Saturday 12 November 2005, 8:38 pm

We leave for Mississippi on Thursday November 17, but we're far from ready!

Mary and I got shots on Tuesday October 18. We had to get Hepatitis A and B and Tetanus TD. We were able to get the shots at our doctor's office. We are supposed to get booster shots after 30 days ... we're told we can do that on Monday November 14, a few days early. We want to make sure that if we have any reaction, it will be before we leave.

We went to what they call "training" on October 25. It was really just an orientation. They talked about what we need to bring (and not bring), what kinds of things we might be doing, what kind of people we might meet (and their problems), and how we can easily talk to people about Jesus.

We have to pack some odd things like "shower shoes" (flip flops to wear while using a grungy shower), our own toilet paper, just one flat sheet, and strong work gloves. On the other hand, we probably don't want to bring expensive cameras or electronics, since there is no way to lock them up.

Don Schottman says that he spent part of his stay in a tent, but for the most part they are housing the relief workers in churches. These are not the same locations where they housing the homeless.

BTW, Don also says we should have computer and internet access, so I hope to continue posting to the blog while there.

Since the orientation, we have not heard much from CityTeam. We did hear a week ago that they were buying our airplane tickets and we would hear from them soon. I think they are really swamped but we have confidence that everything will come together this week.