Plot Points 6


Enter the coordinate points here.

Select an example to enter its points into the form and display the curve.

Sine wavey = a sin x
Cosine logoy = a cos (bx) cos (cx)
Circler = a
Spiralr = aθ
Parabolay = ax2 + bx + c
Cubic Equationy = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d
Cardioidr = a + b sin θ
x = –r cos θ
y = –r sin θ
Heartx = 16 sin θ sin2θ
y = 13 cos θ – 5 cos 2θ – 2 cos 3θ – cos 4θ
Limaconr = a + b cos θ
Rose 3r = a cos 3θ
Rose 5r = a cos 5θ
Lemniscater = √ (sin 2θ)
Butterflyr = 1 – cos 2θ sin 6θ

Enter an expression to plot.

The expression must be something that JavaScript can evaluate. It should use the variable x as an independent variable. The expression will be evaluated over the independent variable range –180 to 180, incrementing by 1.

Example: 0.66 * x + 17

Example: 100 * Math.cos (x / 12)


Canvas. The drawing canvas extends from (–180, –120) to (180, 120). However, the program will scale your coordinates to fit the screen.

How to use. Paste your coordinates in the Points tab. Coordinates can be separated by spaces, commas, new lines, or any combination of those.

Closed Polygon. Connect the last point back to the first, for example, when plotting a circle.

Polar Coordinates. The pairs are (r, θ). This is standard practice.

About This Project. My C++ class needs a way to verify that the coordinate pairs generated by their programs were correct. This simple HTML form allows them to test their programs.