My Mission

My goal is to complete these certificates in 24 months (six semesters including two Summers):

Classes completed or in progress
Spr 12GDES 047Web Animation (Flash, Fireworks)Min3A103electcorecoreelect
Spr 12GRART 062Adobe IllustratorMin3A102electcore
Sum 12GDES 035Graphic DesignRivas3A92coreelectcore
Sum 12GDES 045Web DesignGarrett3A98corecorecore
Sum 12ART 034ADigital Art (Photoshop)Lindseth3Aelectcoreelect
Fall 12GRART 064PhotoshopRivas3A93corecorecore
Fall 12GDES 046Dreamweaver and CSSGarrett3A97corecoreelect
Fall 12GDES 049Wordpress and jQueryLothian3Acore
Fall 12GDES 070User ExperienceRascov3A100corecorecore
Fall 12CA 086PHP and mySQLSun3A98core
Spr 13GDES 060Page Layout and TypographyKaye3Acorecore
Spr 13GDES 085PortfolioKaye2Acorecorecore
Spr 13CA 088A/BJavaScriptPembrook3A100core
Spr 13CA 084ADatabase and SQLSun3A94.5elect
Spr 13GRART 068Advanced PhotoshopRivas3A97electelect
Sum 13Art 31ADrawingEngel3A94corecore
Sum 13Art 33A2D DesignEngel3A98electelect
Sum 13CS 1AJava Programming [Foothill]Cecil5 QA+101elect
Sum 13CS 24CPython [San Jose City College]Hayes3A100
Fall 13GRART 063Adobe InDesignKuo3A96core
Fall 13GDES 055Design, Promotion, AgencyKaye3Acore
Fall 13CA 46EIntermediate PowerpointGolden1A100
Fall 13CA 63BIntermediate ExcelHudak2A113
Fall 13CS 1BIntermediate Java [Foothill]Krishnamurthy5 QA+100elect
Fall 13CS 20AC# Programming [Foothill]Ammari5 QA96elect
Spr 14GDES 051Mobile App and Web DesignGarrett3A100elect
Spr 14CIS 63Android ProgrammingSun4A99
Spr 14CIS 37.6Mac and iPhone Prog. [West Valley]Cooper3A
Sum 14CIS 007Python ProgrammingMneimneh4A95
Fall 14GDES 066Advanced Adobe IllustratorKuo3A94corecore
Spr 15CS 149Perl Programming [Ohlone]Degallier3A99
Sum 15Art 33CDesign: ColorEngel3A97
Sum 15CIS 379Internet Programming: XML (CSM)Moussalem3A95
Sum 15CS 21APython Programming (Foothill)Lamble3A98
2015-16DSCDSC Credential (Ventura County)12--
Sum 16GDES 073Digital PhotographyGarrett3A98electelect
Sum 18CIS 113Ruby ProgrammingNaveed3
More classes I might take someday
Sum 15Geog 001Physical Geography [West Valley]Hasty3
Sum 15Art 31BIntermediate DrawingEngel3
Sum 15ART 034BAdvanced Digital ArtLindseth3
Fa 15CS 133SAS Programming [Ohlone]Xu3
Fa 15CS 147Unix Shell Scripting [Ohlone]White3
Fa 15CIS 175Virtualization [Cabrillo]Brady3
Fa 15CIS 191Unix Administration [Cabrillo]Brady3
?GDES 067Advanced InDesignKuo3
1Web Developer = 18 core+ 4 elect.24186Done
2Web Design = 23 core+ 1 elect.29236Done
3Illustration = 14 core+ 3 elect.20146Done
4Graphic Design = 30 core+ 2 elect.453015Done

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