I completed Master's degrees in Psychology and Computer Science at San Jose State University. Later, I was enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz but I did not finish. This is only a partial list of the classes I took during that time.

Computer Science
CMP 201Analysis of AlgorithmsDavid HelmboldUCSCUCSC
CMP 201
Analysis of Algorithms
David Helmbold
CMP 203Programming LanguagesDarrell LongUCSCUCSC
CMP 203
Programming Languages
Darrell Long
CMP 240Artificial IntelligenceBob LevinsonUCSCUCSC
CMP 240
Artificial Intelligence
Bob Levinson
CMP 242Machine LearningDavid HausslerUCSCUCSC
CMP 242
Machine Learning
David Haussler
CMP 260Computer GraphicsAlex PangUCSCUCSC
CMP 260
Computer Graphics
Alex Pang
CMP 262Computer AnimationJane WilhelmsUCSCUCSC
CMP 262
Computer Animation
Jane Wilhelms
CMP 290DNeural ComputationDavid HausslerUCSCUCSC
CMP 290D
Neural Computation
David Haussler
CMP 290EObject Oriented ProgrammingIra PohlUCSCUCSC
CMP 290E
Object Oriented Programming
Ira Pohl
CMPE 202Computer ArchitectureAnujan VarmaUCSCUCSC
CMPE 202
Computer Architecture
Anujan Varma
CMPE 220Parallel ProcessingRichard HugheyUCSCUCSC
CMPE 220
Parallel Processing
Richard Hughey
CMPE 276Software EngineeringLinda WernerUCSCUCSC
CMPE 276
Software Engineering
Linda Werner
Math 129ALinear Algebra-SJSUSJSU
Math 129A
Linear Algebra
Math 142CombinatoricsMitchemSJSUSJSU
Math 142
Math 144LLisp ProgrammingTai-Ping HoSJSUSJSU
Math 144L
Lisp Programming
Tai-Ping Ho
Math 146AData Structures and AlgorithmsSam SenguptaSJSUSJSU
Math 146A
Data Structures and Algorithms
Sam Sengupta
Math 146BSoftware DesignKen LoudenSJSUSJSU
Math 146B
Software Design
Ken Louden
Math 149Operating SystemsVinh PhatSJSUSJSU
Math 149
Operating Systems
Vinh Phat
Math 152Programming LanguagesKen LoudenSJSUSJSU
Math 152
Programming Languages
Ken Louden
CS 253Compiler OptimizationKen LoudenSJSUSJSU
CS 253
Compiler Optimization
Ken Louden
CS 255Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsEd SchmeichelSJSUSJSU
CS 255
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Ed Schmeichel
CS 256Natural Language ProcessingJeff SmithSJSUSJSU
CS 256
Natural Language Processing
Jeff Smith
CS 296Machine LearningJeff SmithSJSUSJSU
CS 296
Machine Learning
Jeff Smith
CIS 38C++ ProgrammingKamran EsteghamatWest ValleyWest Valley
CIS 38
C++ Programming
Kamran Esteghamat
CIS 211B68000 Assembly Language-De AnzaDe Anza
CIS 211B
68000 Assembly Language
Math 147Machine Structures(credit by exam)SJSUSJSU
Math 147
Machine Structures
(credit by exam)
CMPE 200Advanced Computer OrganizationBetru DebebeSJSUSJSU
CMPE 200
Advanced Computer Organization
Betru Debebe
CMPE 220Software ToolsBob HallSJSUSJSU
CMPE 220
Software Tools
Bob Hall
Physics 50Physics – Mechanics-SJSUSJSU
Physics 50
Physics – Mechanics
Physics 51Physics – Electricity and Magnetism-SJSUSJSU
Physics 51
Physics – Electricity and Magnetism
Physics 52Physics – Heat and Light-SJSUSJSU
Physics 52
Physics – Heat and Light
Psych 173Human FactorsStu ParsonsSJSUSJSU
Psych 173
Human Factors
Stu Parsons
CT 80Digital Circuits and Microprocessor DesignFrank CirimeleSJCCSJCC
CT 80
Digital Circuits and Microprocessor Design
Frank Cirimele
Elect 64ABAnalog Circuit Analysis and Design-SJCCSJCC
Elect 64AB
Analog Circuit Analysis and Design
Elect 64Microprocessor Software DesignTony BambergerMissionMission
Elect 64
Microprocessor Software Design
Tony Bamberger
Psychology (Experimental and Research Emphasis)
Stat 115AElementary StatisticsCal ThomsonSJSUSJSU
Stat 115A
Elementary Statistics
Cal Thomson
Stat 115BIntermediate StatisticsJames AsherSJSUSJSU
Stat 115B
Intermediate Statistics
James Asher
Stat 125Analysis of VarianceRose GinsbergSJSUSJSU
Stat 125
Analysis of Variance
Rose Ginsberg
Stat 235Multivariate AnalysisFrank PayneSJSUSJSU
Stat 235
Multivariate Analysis
Frank Payne
Psych 117Psychological TestingFrank PayneSJSUSJSU
Psych 117
Psychological Testing
Frank Payne
Psych 120Experimental PsychologyCal ThomsonSJSUSJSU
Psych 120
Experimental Psychology
Cal Thomson
Psych 130PsychobiologyDale WiseSJSUSJSU
Psych 130
Dale Wise
Psych 155Human LearningRobert FoxSJSUSJSU
Psych 155
Human Learning
Robert Fox
Psych 157MotivationRobert HicksSJSUSJSU
Psych 157
Robert Hicks
Psych 281BSleep ResearchRobert HicksSJSUSJSU
Psych 281B
Sleep Research
Robert Hicks
Mus 56Musicianship and Music TheoryTikey Zes and Allen StrangeSJSUSJSU
Mus 56
Musicianship and Music Theory
Tikey Zes and Allen Strange
Mus 105Orchestration-SJSUSJSU
Mus 105
Mus 108AComposition-SJSUSJSU
Mus 108A
Mus 146CCounterpoint - 16th CenturyThompsonSJSUSJSU
Mus 146C
Counterpoint - 16th Century
Mus 104Counterpoint - 18th CenturyD. JohnsonBethanyBethany
Mus 104
Counterpoint - 18th Century
D. Johnson
Mus 105Choral ArrangingJ. FortunatoBethanyBethany
Mus 105
Choral Arranging
J. Fortunato