Record: Roper JH 400 Phase IV Jive

San Diego RDI's Phase IV ROM June 1999

Choreographer: Bob Paull

Seq: Intro-AB-AB(1-15)-Ending Speed 45 RPM

Intro: (4 meas)

1-4 CP/Wall wt;; Hover; Feather;

Part A: (16 meas)

1-9 Diamond turn to dlc;;;; Telmark SCP;

Natural hover fallaway; Slip piv; Manuv;

9-16 Impetus to SCP; In & out runs;; Weave to bjo;;

Manuv; Over turn spin; Bk ½ Box;

Part B: (16 meas)

1-9 Whisk; X hesitation; Bk bk lk bk; Outside

Chg SCP; Pk up sd cl; Drag hesitation;

Bk bk lk bk; Impetus to SCP;

9-17 Weave to bjo;; Fwd fwd lk fwd; Fwd tch

Woman develope; Outsd swivel scp;

Thru fc cl; Hover; Feather;

Ending: (1meas)

1- Chair;