Tonight Carmen

Dance by: Neil & Doris Koozer, 907 SE Sharon Ave, Roseburg, OR 97470-3824 541-440-9646 June 1998

Record: Columbia 13-33122 by Marty Robbins Tempo: 27 mpm at 45 rpm

Dance: Phase 3 Cha Cha Sequence: Intro A bridge A inter A End


1-4 WAIT;; TWIRL & CHA both ways;; bfy.wall wait;; [3] sd L,xrib(W twirl rf R,L),sd L/cl R,sd L; [4] sd R,xlib(W twirl lf L,R),sd R/cl L,sd R;

5-9 SIDE CHASE;;;; [to bfy] SD CL twice; rel hnds rk fwd L trng 1/4 rf place hnds on hips,rec R,xlif/sd R,xlif (W do M's meas 8) moving sideways twd coh; [6] rk sd R twd coh,rec L,xrif/sd L,xrif (W do M's meas 5 start subtle skirt work) moving twd wall; [7] rk sd L twd wall,rec R,xlif/sd R,xlif trn to fc ptr (W do M's meas 6); [8] rk bk R,rec L,fwd R/lk L,fwd R (W do M's meas 7) blend to bfy.wall; [9] sd L,cl R,sd L,cl R merengue style if desired;


1-4 VINE 2 & FC to FC; VINE 2 & BK to BK; SLIDING DOOR; APT REC Fwd Cha; sd L,xrib,sd L/cl R,sd L trn lf(W rf) to bk to bk pos; [2] sd R,xlib,sd R/cl L,sd R trn rf(W lf) to op.lod; [3] rk apt L,rec R,xlif/sd R,xlif passing bhd W to lop.lod [4] staying in lop rk apt R,rec L,fwd R/lk L,fwd R;

5-8 FWD BASIC; SLIDING DOOR; CIRCLE away & tog;; [to bolero] staying in lop rk fwd L,rec R,bk L/lk R,bk L; [6] rk apt R,rec L,xrif/sd L,xrif passing bhd W to op.lod; [7] curving lf twd coh fwd L,R,L/lk R,fwd L to fc rlod(W curve rf twd wall); [8] cont curving fwd R,L,R/lk L,fwd R to bolero.wall;

9-12 WHEEL 2 full turns;; BASIC;; bolero pos wheel rf fwd L,R,L/R,L, R,L,R/L,R (W fwd also) making 2 turns to fc wall; [11] [blend bfy during start of basic] rk fwd L,rec R,sd L/cl R,sd L; [12] rk bk R,rec L,sd R/cl L,sd R;

13-16 OPEN BREAK; WHIP; NEW YORKER; WHIP;apt L extend R hand up,rec R & lower R hand,sd L/cl R,sd L; [14] M trn 1/4 lf & rk bk R,rec L & trn 1/4 lf (W fwd coh L,trng lf sd coh R trng lf ) to bfy.coh,sd R/cl L,sd R; [15] blend lop.rlod rk thru L,rec R to fc,sd L/cl R,sd L; [16] rpt 14 to fc wall;


1-2 FENCE LINE; CRAB WALK; bfy.wall xlif,rec R,sd L/cl R,sd L; [2] bfy.wall moving lod thru R,sd L,thru R/sd L,thru R;


1-4 FENCE LINE twice;; CHASE with full turn;;bfy.wall xlif,rec R,sd L/cl R,sd L; [2] xrif,rec L,sd R/cl L,sd R; [3] rel hnds rk fwd L swiv 1/2 rf,rec R piv 1/2 rf with knees tog & L ft held slightly bhd [this step completes trn to fc ptr],bk L/cl R,bk L (W do M's 4); [4] rk bk R,rec L,fwd R/cl L,fwd R (W do M's 3)


1-4 FENCE LINE twice;; SPOT TURN twice;;rpt 1-2 inter; [3] xlif,trn rf(W lf) rec R cont trn to fc,sd L/cl R,sd L; [4] xrif,trn lf(W rf) rec L cont trn to fc,sd R/cl L,sd R;

5-8 SIDE CHASE;;;; [to bfy] rpt 5-8 intro;;;;

9-11 TWIRL to tamara; REV TWIRL to bfy; NY, Rec, Sd Lunge,-; rpt 3 of intro with dbl hnd hold keep lead hnds high and trail hnds low to end in tamara pos; [10] rpt 4 of intro with dbl hnd hold ending in bfy; [11] blend lop.rlod rk thru L,rec R to fc,lunge sd L look rlod,-;